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The Eau Claire County Bar Association aids in the administration of justice, promotes high standards of learning and professional conduct, provides opportunities for law-related community service, and fosters collegiality within the Eau Claire legal community.

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Third Wednesday of the Month | 6:30 - 8 PM | LE Phillips Memorial Library

The Free Legal Clinic operates on a question and answer forum where participants have 10 to 15 minutes to ask questions. Five to seven local attorneys are available at each clinic to answer questions as well as introduce topics and give free legal advice.

Different attorneys are at the clinic each month, but generally attorneys are available to discuss divorce and family law, landlord-tenant, debtor, creditor, bankruptcy, employment, wills and estates, contracts, traffic, criminal, and several other topics.

All questions are answered in the most confidential manner possible. Because of the space, it is not possible to assure total privacy. The lawyers provide general legal advice only. The attorney will not represent you in court nor will they prepare documents, contracts, or agreements. Some legal matters require more assistance than what can be provided at the clinic. You may be advised to consider hiring an lawyer. You are free to hire the attorney that you met with or a different attorney of your choosing.

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