Ali E. Ellefsen
Guelzow & Ellefsen

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President Elect

Allison V. Shepard
Herrick & Hart, SC

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Mark Barker
Chippewa Valley Technical College

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Jennifer N. Brown
Weld Riley, SC

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Established over 100 years ago, the Eau Claire County Bar Association has grown to 200+ reputable voluntary members, including a four-person elected board of officers and seven-person executive committee.

Association Objectives

  • Improve and maintain professional relations among lawyers within and without the Association and between lawyers and judges, and appropriately assist the judiciary when and where possible.
  • Advance the ideals of the legal profession as set forth in the Attorney's Oath.
  • Work to improve the practice of law generally, and assist its members therein.
  • Promote reform in the law for the good of citizens and the profession alike.
  • Encourage education of the public in the American legal system and promote citizen participation in the same.
  • Foster interest in, and understanding of, the legal profession, and ever work to maintain its image.
  • Promote and foster a spirit of good fellowship among the members of the Association.

Honorary Members


Hon. Thomas Barland
Hon. William Gabler
Douglas Johnson
Prenn Kathryn
Gregory Peterson
Hon. Benjamin Proctor
David Richie
Hon. Thomas Sazama
William Thedinga
Hon. Jon Theisen
William Thiel
James Ward
Paul Weinke
Keith Zehms


Hon. Sarah Harless
Hon. Emily Long
Hon. John Manydeeds
Hon. Micheal Schumacher
Hon. Lisa Stark